The Life Jacket

Hello dears! Today’s post is a little thing I wrote not so long ago. It’s small, but I hope my readers like it! 🙂

Consider this. You are in the deep ocean, land is nowhere in sight. You know how to swim, but you also know you cannot always be swimming without getting exhausted. The water is rough, a storm coming up. You try to swim away but get tired and slowly there’ s water filling up in you as you drown.

But what if you have a life jacket on?

It helps you stay afloat even in the storm, even when you are tired.  When the ocean is relatively calm, you drift towards the land, slowly and steadily.  You are relaxed enough and now after having survived the storm, you are full of motivation that finally you have a sense of direction. You swim and swim, and supported by the jacket you reach your destination.

Good story? Replace ocean with life and Satan’s techniques to drown you. Land is your destiny.  What’s the life jacket then? The most important requisite for you to reach your land?


He keeps you floating in the storm.
He drifts you in the direction of your destiny till you are energized enough to go there by yourself, and even then he’ll keep you floating.

Take a minute break, and thank God for being you life jacket and saving you. If you aren’t wearing it already, then what are you waiting for? To drown?

Take a minute break and think. And then Thank.

Trust Him, Rely on Him, Live with Him!

Put your jackets on! God Bless You my friends! Amen.


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