Ten Places I want to visit before I turn 30

They say you’ve lived half your life by 30, and what comes next is just responsibility.

I am 20 right now, and I most definitely want to make the next 10 years of my life filled with backpacking and explorations. Here’s a list of places I want to head off to before 30, not necessarily in that order though.

1. Tiger safari.

How can someone be so scary and fascinating at the same time!
How can someone be so scary and fascinating at the same time!

According to a Lonely Planet post India has around 39 tiger sanctuaries. Most of the tiger parks are situated in the central state Madhya Pradesh, most famous of them being Bandhavgarh, but also Sundarbans in West Bengal, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to many tropical endangered species.  Visiting either or both of the tiger safari parks would be wonderful and help raise awareness about the dangerously fascinating Cats of the Jungle.

2.  Machu Picchu

Just a Must!
Just a Must!

City of the ancient Incas, this place, or rather the photographs and treks of this place, have marveled me since ages. Watching a programme on the Discovery Channel about the Incas and their mysteries convinced me that I absolutely must visit this marvelous ancient city situated on top of the Andes mountains in Peru.

3. Japan

Ancient History, Beautiful Nature, Futuristic Technology. Did I miss anything?
Ancient History, Beautiful Nature, Futuristic Technology. Did I miss anything?

All that technology, anime, culture, nature, everything about Japan is so unusual! Japan came on my list recently, after I saw pictures of cherry blossoms pop up all over my Instagram feed, and in me grew an intense desire to sit underneath a cherry blossom tree and attempt eating sushi.

4. Canada

Paradise?? Utopia??
Paradise?? Utopia??

Its more like British Columbia that I want to visit, although even the country is breathtakingly beautiful. Again while watching a travel show on the telly, the host was staying at a resort in British Columbia and at that moment, I knew what it means to be really jealous. Can someone just please take me there already!?

5. Scandinavian lands

One word: Magical!
One word: Magical!

I think I have strong affinity for Arctic regions. #AuroraBorealis plus the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and these are just 2 of the many reasons why Scandinavian countries need our visit!

6. New Zealand

Hongi, the traditional Maori greeting.
Hongi, the traditional Maori greeting.

So I pretty much love the Mountains-meet-the-sea landscapes, hence, New Zealand has to be on the list, plus the bonus of visiting the set of Lord Of The Rings movies AND the MAORI! Not to forget, the adventure sports! Let’s just pack our bags already fellas!

7. Turkey

Source- Lonely Planet
Travel back in time…

As a country that’s in two continents, it’s got the influence of Europe as well as Asia, a medley of culture, history and food. After Istanbul, the next thing that comes to one’s mind upon hearing Turkey, is Cappadocia. You go to Turkey and don’t enjoy the hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, then your trip is not finished.

8. Scotland


What’s not to like about Scotland! Over a period of time, many things have convinced me that I need to put Scotland on my Bucket list. Hogwarts. The accent! The nature! The castles! I could go on you know.. Besides, the country has Unicorn as its National Animal 😀

9. Bahamas

Sea lover's paradise!
Sea lover’s paradise!

And here we come back to the Equator! It’s the Fifty Shades of Blue sea and soft white sands! It’s even got a private Disney island. Checking trip details, now.

10. Jordan

Does it not mystify you!?
Does it not mystify you!?

Just. So. Much. Of. Culture. And. History. I read about Jordan’s Petra in my school atlas, and something about the stone monument captured my curiosity. While there maybe political turbulence, the people are so friendly! Helping neighbours since B.C.

Well, if nothing else, I at least have something planned for the next 10 years of my life! 😉



7 thoughts on “Ten Places I want to visit before I turn 30

  1. You should definitely visit New Zealand. One of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion 🙂 And if you make it to Scandinavia you should visit the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden, and go dog-sledding while you’re at it! 🙂


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