Sacrifice… the word usually gives out a negative vibe, something to be given up, something lost. Very rarely do people see it in the good light, sacrifice; give up something for someone, for something better.

Jesus Christ sacrificed his life, for the sake of all of humanity, so that we puny humans can gain salvation.

A mother sacrifices her sleep so that she can calm her child who is having trouble sleeping.

Sacrifice is not such a bad thing, I feel… unless you empty yourself, how can you fill up on the new?

For living a better lifestyle, you CHOOSE to eat healthy, its not the same as “Sacrificing” junk food. You simply choose to eat the greens and the veggies more often than the usual cheese pizza slice.

The process isn’t as easy as we wish, but the joy comes through.  The other side of sacrifice, is beautiful.

Lessons of love, courage, strength, wisdom, discipline, determination and growth are learnt through sacrifice.




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