Free writing

Day 3 of Daily Posts’s Writing 101.

3 songs that mean a lot. (No such songs really… not a very musical person, but I’ve written down the 3 songs I enjoy listening to more often than others. )

Harry Potter soundtracks.

I’ve seen the movies numerous times.. so much that I hum along the tunes that play during any scene. Be it the Hedwig’s theme or Lily’s song, or the Hogwarts music. There is some form of calmness that settles me down. Even the fighting scenes. I love how some songs are peppy, energetic, while some are the “coming home” kind. The kind that makes you feel one with the music. Even now I am humming along the different tunes as I write this. Brings a smile to my face. Harry Potter has been this constant thing throughout my school life, and even now, I hope to read the series every summer.

Stereo Hearts

I love this song. I don’t even know why. Maybe because I did have a stereo related inside joke with somebody.

My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you so listen close, hear my thoughts in every note, make me your radio, and turn me up when you feel low, this melody was meant for you, so sing along to my stereo!

Drag me Down

This song, plays in my gym, and I love pumping up a lil more, push a lil more when it plays. until recently, I didn’t even know that One Direction is the artist of this song. and I am not really a fan or anything. But man, No body can drag me down!!!

I actually don’t listen to music too much. just whatever is playing on the radio when I am driving and when i am in the gym and very rarely i actually download music on my phone. So these are the 3 songs I like, but the list is not really rigid. it’ll be something else in a few days.who knows. maybe some other songs.


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