Brevity: 250 words

Evening walks down the path are amazing. I had just come to the end of another walk and sat on a bench. I felt something fly by and touch my fingers. I looked down and saw a hastily folded piece of paper. There was no one around me, just kids playing on the far side of a park.

I took the paper and realized it was a letter, addressed to someone named Kiran. It was written in shabby yet passionate handwriting.  Out of curiosity, I read the letter.

“You have the fire in you. When it burns, it shines through and I can see in light up your face. Don’t douse that spark, dear. What you have, is unique. Light up like a lamp because of your love for it, for the freedom you feel when you express yourself in that flame of creativity. When you are at it, it’s like a dance, a rhythm, of elements that are paradoxical and yet, when you bring them together, its the most beautiful.

You have it in you. Find that spark, and protect it fiercely.

Forever with you,


I couldn’t help but feel uplifted by the words this H. had said. I wanted to find Kiran, give her this letter, ask her what was she afraid of, and tell her to keep going on.

The words resonated within me, and it’d resonate within Kiran too.

The question was, Who is Kiran, and how do I find her.


Day 5 of The Daily Post’s Writing 101.



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